Maintenance / Troubleshooting

General Maintenance for GreenLeaf Macerator Pumps

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your GreenLeaf Macerator pump, we recommend establishing a regular maintenance schedule based on residential usage. For a standard-sized home with constant use, it is advisable to run a cleaner like Selleys Sugar Soap through your pump every 3-4 months, though this may vary depending on actual usage.

Selleys Sugar Soap is our preferred choice as it acts as an internal descaler without using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the plastics and soft rubbers within the pump.

Steps to Perform Maintenance:

  1. Ensure your pump is powered on.
  2. Pour approximately 200-300ml of Selleys Sugar Soap down a grey water fixture, such as a shower or basin, and follow it with warm water.
  3. Allow the pump to cycle a couple of times to ensure the solution has reached the inside of the pump, then let it sit for a few hours. This will help in cleaning and descaling the interior of the pump.
  4. After a few hours, follow up with some hot water. Allow the hot water to run for a few minutes to help clear the descaled material, enabling the pump to pump it away and self-clean.
  5. Repeat this process every few months to maintain a longer life and optimal performance.

Regular maintenance using Selleys Sugar Soap helps keep your GreenLeaf Macerator pump in excellent working condition, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Troubleshooting for GreenLeaf Macerator Pumps

Pump Not Running (Main Process)

  • Check the power source: Ensure the unit is receiving power. If there is an issue with the power source, try using an alternate power source such as an extension cable to power the unit.
  • Unit still not responsive? Remove the unit and take it outside. Isolate it by disconnecting the incoming pipe and outlet line. When removing your pump, leave the non-return valve on the outlet line to prevent any waste water backflow.
  • Visual inspection: Pop the lid off the pump and inspect the interior. Remove any foreign material and clean the inside of the unit thoroughly. Sometimes a buildup or obstruction can impede the float switch, preventing it from activating.
  • Test the unit: Once you are confident there is no foreign material and the unit is clean, replace the top of the unit. Connect an alternate power source to the pump while it is outside, then fill it via the toilet inlet. Allow the unit to fill and observe if the pump activates and performs normally. The pump should fill up and aggressively pump the water away. Let it cycle half a dozen times.
  • Reinstall the unit: If the unit is running normally, reinstall it in its original position. Reconnect the plumbed-in fixtures and the outlet line, then test the pump in place. If it runs as normal, the maintenance was successful.
  • Unsuccessful: Get in touch with us for service.

Pump Continually Running?

  • Non-return valve issue: This could be due to the non-return valve not being installed (installation of the non-return valve is required for warranty) or the valve being stuck or damaged. Thi causes a back flow of water water.
  • Float switch obstruction: The float switch might be impeded by an object, keeping it in the "on" position. Once again causing a back flow issue.

For either of these issues, please refer to the initial troubleshooting steps outlined in the "Pump Not Running (Main Process)" section above.

Pump Making a Humming Sound, Macerator Maybe Not Spinning?

  • Power down the unit: If you hear a humming sound, power down the unit as soon as possible. This indicates that the macerator blades are not spinning, and something could be impeding them or the pump.
  • Check the macerator blades: Ensure the unit is not powered. Check the macerator blades to see if anything is impeding them (common obstructions include wet wipes and women's sanitary items). Remove any found obstructions.
  • Follow initial troubleshooting steps: Once any obstructions are removed, follow the steps in the "Pump Not Running (Main Process)" section to test and reinstate the pump.

Service required: If the pump is still unresponsive or continues to hum, it will need to come in for service. Refer to the warranty page and contact form to schedule your pump for repair.

0800 110 063

Regular maintenance and careful usage can help keep your GreenLeaf Macerator pump in excellent working condition, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

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